Help a cause – Spark a change

Hello to all who regularly follow my page and all who will. I created this blog to help others. I write to inspire in all areas, I am selective about what I speak about, but it is always something to inspire.

Our world has recently gone through a massive change, and everyone has been dramatically affected. This is not the time to keep to ourselves. This is the time to stand together. To fight for all the things that give us faith, all the stuff we inspired to do, and all the things that spark greatness in us, which provides us with hope.


Hope will make you run one more mile because you believe it could make you a champion. Read one more chapter, to get closer to the answer, or study one more hour, to uncover the mysteries held in theory.

Spark change 

University of Michigan Club Sports is trying to shut down the boxing team. This team changed my life, and boasts dozens of national championship titles just within the past ten years. Please consider signing this petition to increase our chances of keeping our team on campus.

I am calling on you, as individuals to sign this petition to help. Take a stand for someone else, and when you fall, they will help you stand. We are one world, and even when we reach out to the stars to travel our universe, it all started here for us. Good, bad, and ambivalent. Losing hope is a common enemy for all of us, it’s called learned hopelessness. We know how it feels to fight for something and to fail. I know to believe me, but staying down is not an option.

Cry, hurt alone, suffer, but keep pushing. Think you feel alone, like no one understands you, email me at Healthwell4u@Gmail.Com, I’ll be there for you. I will help you stand. I ask all of you who will read this, what is life if you took away reason. Like, share, comment, repost, twit, and get it out there to help. All change starts with individuals taking action. Let us do it together.

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